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Tiberian Dawn Red Alert Tiberian Sun Red Alert II Yuri's Revenge
Tiberian Dawn Single Player Missions Created by CaptnMel

Most of these missions were created in 1996.

Mission Name Side Theater Difficulty Notes
Desert Tech GDI Desert Medium/Hard
Hell's Eruption GDI Temperate Medium/Hard
Land of Lakes GDI Temperate Hard
Massive Resistance GDI Temperate Hard
Middle of Hell GDI Winter Medium/Hard
Pure Water GDI Temperate Medium/Hard
The Gauntlet GDI Temperate Hard
The March North GDI Temperate Medium/Hard
Trapped GDI Temperate Medium/Hard
Cold as Ice NOD Winter Medium/Hard
Final Jeopardy NOD Temperate Hard
Flame Death NOD Desert Medium
Morning Glory NOD Desert Medium/Hard
Northern Lights NOD Temperate Medium
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