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These observations of the C&C game universe are just thoughts and feelings I have posted over the years.  Although the dates these thoughts were posted are not available, some of the general sentiment is pertinent to the game today.
An Observation by: CaptnMel

I would like to take a few moments of your time and discuss a problem brewing in the C&C Universe of games. It seems that on a lot of www boards the general atmosphere is that "C&C is dying". Not true! There are still thousands of active players and those of us with web pages and positions in clubs have a responsibility to those players.

Remember the first time you found "The Temple of the Conqueror"? Pretty neat wasn't it? Well it is still like that today for a lot of new players. Let's not forget the C&C Universe of games is alive and well. We must not let a few that are tired of the game ruin the fun of the many! Negative posts must be a thing of the past, as it seems those who are knocking the games are tearing down everything we are working for. This is suppose to be fun. Don't forget our purpose.

An Observation by: CaptnMel

Tank Rush
You all know there have been a lot of posts regarding "The Tank Rush" tactic. Most don't like it, However I think its part of the game. I have some thoughts about how to deal with this strategy. Everyone that plays must be more selective as to which maps they play on. Ore placement, choke points, starting cash, & starting units all play a huge part in how the games unfold. Maps with "Gems" galore tend to lead to building massive tank battalions, cruiser armadas, & air forces the size of which we seen in Desert Storm. More "stuff" is better, however making choices & setting priorities determine leadership and ultimately victory. I think we all should put a lot more thought into the map making process & the maps that we choose to play on. Hundreds & hundreds of maps and only a few which meet the criteria I have mentioned. In other words, "The style of game you play depends on the map you choose!" All the people rating maps need to come together and set a "uniform grading standard" this I'm sure will be almost impossible, but a good idea none the less. With modem play & WCHAT are the most prevalent way of playing RA why not dedicate portions of "map sites" to two player maps? Oh well these are just some thoughts I hope I haven't offended anyone. Heaven knows I don't want to start any "flaming" which goes on all too frequently at most message boards. That's a totally different observation for a later date. Any comments good or bad please email me.

An Observation by: CaptnMel

Well I feel I must comment on CounterStrike at this time. I find it hard to believe everyone is griping about it. 16 new missions, 100 good multiplayer maps, themes, patch, and all for around twenty bucks. What do you all expect? Most everyone is complaining about the new units. Well I'll give ya that one. I too was disappointed that they were just makeovers and not available in multiplay. This discrepancy can be fixed by modifying your rules ini file so still no problem.

What most of us must realize is that we are only a small portion of the people who play & purchase C&C games. Really only about 200 of us take part in discussions on irc or WCHAT. About the same number post frequently on the various web boards. Westwood will probably end up selling 2 million plus copies of Red Alert worldwide. So what I'm trying to slowly get at is, We are probably some of the best C&C players on the planet, but a very small percent of the overall marketing strategy of Westwood. So in closing I would like to say, "It's just a game. Quit picking it apart and enjoy it"

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