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Fixes & How to's
Fix for black mini-map  C&C3 Worldbuilder

Without a custom art.tga file, the mini-map in the upper right corner will be black during game play. You must do the following below in order for the mini-map to show correctly.

1) go into WorldBuilder and load up your map

2) hit CTRL+F to go into top view, and zoom out until you can see the whole map.

3) go to the edit menu and uncheck waypoints, object maps, until all you see is the bare map and the objects on it. ( If you have the map seeded with Tiberium, you should remove it for the time being)

4) hit the Print Screen key, go into an image editor like PhotoShop or GIMP, go
File - > New and then Edit-> Paste.

5) Crop the image into a square by holding down the shift key and dragging across the image so that only the map is selected. Hit Enter.

NOTE: You MUST flip the map image vertically in order to sync up with your map in-game. In other words, it has to be turned upside down.

7) go to image -> Image Size and reduce the image to 128 or 256 square.

8) Save the file as a Targa (.tga) file with the map name and the extention "_art.tga
example: if your map is "my_map. map" its minimap file would be " my_map_art.tga" put it in the same folder as your completed map.

Now you'll have a working minimap.

How to view the official C&C3 Maps in the World Builder

This is for those of you who wish to open the official C&C3 maps, which is particularly useful given the specific lighting and postfx settings for the different zone types.
Step 1: Grab a C&C3 .big file opener, you can get it at Project Perfect Mod

Step 2: Open the mpmaps.big typically found in C:Program Files/Electronic Arts/C&C3/MP/1.0/

Step 3: Extract the files inside.

Step 4: Place those maps in C:Users/<your_user_name>/AppData/Roaming/C&C3/Maps/ (Note! You may need to change your settings to view hidden files, since the AppData folder is hidden)

Note: This may alternatively be in the C:Documents and Settings/<your_user_name>/Application Data/C&C3/Maps/ depending on your version of Windows.

Step 5: Load the World Builder and click open, they'll be seen in the list of options shown. You can also play any maps placed in that folder in C&C3.
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