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Red Alert 2 DeeZire - Yuri's Revenge Version: V8.0

Westwood Studios

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Red Alert 2 DeeZire - Yuri's Revenge Version: V8.0

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Red Alert 2 DeeZire - Yuri's Revenge Version: V8.0

Recording And Playing Back Games
Advanced Command Bar
Musical Scores
Undocumented Features
Crate Powerups
Allied Forces
Soviet Forces
Yuri's Army
General Additions
Multiplayer Game Enhancements
Artificial Intelligence Enhancements
Multiplayer Debug Mode
3rd Party Support
Version History

Red Alert 2 DeeZire is set parallel to the main battles between Soviet, Allied and Yuri's forces. Elsewhere, further significant confrontations are taking place between these powers - the visionary genius of Tesla provides the Soviets with an ever increasing array of complex technology whilst Allied strategists turn to resourcefulness in the face of adversity. Yuri, of course, has now formed his own breakaway faction in his quest for world domination. The game now reflects those battles around the world, in which strange new technologies and cunning strategies were utilized...

This is a game modification for Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge. Installation of this mod will make changes to the initialization settings in Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge. It is designed for multiplayer games, enhancing many aspects of gameplay and providing a very different experience. This version is designed for use only with Red Alert 2 with the Yuri's Revenge expansion pack installed and provides you with all features from the standard version of Red Alert 2 DeeZire plus additional features and enhancements specifically for Yuri's Revenge - giving you both mods in one.

This is Red Alert 2 DeeZire Version 8.0. Feel free to send feedback regarding potential improvements, general gameplay issues, suggestions or bugs. The official website for Red Alert 2 DeeZire can be found through DeeZire Online at:-

Visit the site for the latest news, updates, downloads and more!

Red Alert 2 DeeZire is dedicated to the memory of Nikola Tesla and is brought to you by DeeZire, ably assisted by DeeZeez, and with eternal thanks to the following people;-

For his magnificent support on the Forums and the site.

For provision of a mirror on European web space.

Olaf Van Der Spek
For his tireless work on the XCC Utilities.

Jonathan Wilson
For his continued devotion to the C&C editing community and his help tracking down filenames for XCC.

There can be only one - the best at what he does.

Matthias Wagner
For his superb work on the Final Alert 2 map editor.

'M' for providing the missing Theme Soundtracks, Daniel McCreadie for unique old concept ideas and suggestions, John Beech for more superb graphical help, cVolkov for innovation and technical advice, Seifer147, Mike Strickland and Nighthawk for voxel help, David Egnell (Dauwe), Godwin, Styx, I-man99, Pusskyfly, Chrono Looney and the guys at Sleipnir64's website for image help, all the people who frequent the Forums, took part in testing and supplied feedback (too many to mention but you all know who you are), Westwood Studios (EA Pacific) for their incredible C&C formula and of course YOU for playing it. Thank you for using Red Alert 2 DeeZire - your continued support makes my work worthwhile. I ask two things in return - spread the word so others can enjoy it, and HAVE FUN! Meet me on Westwood Online for a blast :)

Trademarks are the property of Electronic Arts Inc. Game content and materials copyright Electronic Arts Inc. All rights reserved. Red Alert 2 DeeZire is not a product of, or affiliated with, Westwood Studios and as such is unsupported by them.

Recording And Playing Back Games
With Red Alert 2 DeeZire installed, you can now record and playback movies of your battles! Use the Control Panel application that is installed with Red Alert 2 DeeZire to access these functions. Note that games can only be recorded and played back when the mod is enabled - disabling the mod will remove the options to record and play back games.

All actions after launching the game from one of the Launch buttons in the Control Panel will be recorded. Note that recording a game can have a detrimental effect on overall game speed and it is not recommended to record a game if you are playing over a LAN or the Internet as it could affect connection speed. You should also be aware that the recording is automatically aborted if game speed or performance is significantly degraded by the recording or if your system resources are inadequate to continue the recording and storing of the resultant file.

With the Control Panel you can also play back all recorded actions from your previous recording when you run the game from one of the Launch buttons.

NOTE: you should only play back a recorded game with the same game it was recorded in - do not play back a recorded Yuri's Revenge game in Red Alert 2 and vice versa, otherwise Internal Errors and system crashes can occur.

You can press the 'Escape' or 'Esc' key on your keyboard to abort the playback and resume control of the game.

Advanced Command Bar
The skirmish mode Advanced Command Bar has been enhanced to provide commanders with additional functionality in combat. New icons now appear in the Advanced Command Bar, and this now includes the following;-

Team 1 - selects pre-defined team #1
Team 2 - selects pre-defined team #2
Team 3 - selects pre-defined team #3 - NEW
Cheer - gets selected unit(s) to 'cheer' - NEW
Type Select - selects all units of the same type
Stop - stops selected unit(s) - NEW
Deploy - deploys selected unit(s)
Guard - put selected unit(s) in guard mode
Waypoint - selects waypoint mode for the unit(s)
Attack Move - makes the selected unit(s) attack whilst on the move - NEW
Auto Deploy - makes the selected unit(s) automatically deploy when attacked - NEW*

*the Auto Deploy feature is currently unsupported by Yuri's Revenge - although this has been enabled, the icon does not appear and the feature is unusable to human players (although the advanced AI now makes use of it). A future update to Yuri's Revenge may add this feature, meaning Red Alert 2 DeeZire will allow you to take full advantage of it. Note that you will only be able to see all of these options when you play in a screen resolution of 800x600 or higher.

Musical Scores
One musical theme is not normally available in the game - the Credits Theme. With Red Alert 2 DeeZire you will hear this in the normal random fashion when playing in skirmish mode, or you can play it back as you can the other scores in the Sound Options menu. Three themes which were missing from the original game, 'C&C In The House', 'Ready The Army' and 'Probing' are available as an optional expansion from the Red Alert 2 DeeZire website which provides you with these.

Undocumented Features
There are undocumented features in Red Alert 2 which are now fully workable in Red Alert 2 DeeZire. For your information Commander, the following all exist in the game and now work;-

Defensive Structure Targetting Range
If you turn on Movement And Target Lines in the Game Options menu, you will be able to see the effective range of anti-aircraft and defensive structures, indicated by a 'ring' around them, when placing them onto the map.

Screen Capture
Pressing SHIFT+S on the keyboard at any point in the game produces a 'screen shot' image in PCX format in the Red Alert 2 directory. This can be viewed & edited with any image editing program capable of handling ZSoft Paintbrush format images. You can remap this command to any other key from the Keyboard menu in the game options.

Right Mouse Button Movement
Holding down the right mouse button, with or without an object selected, enables you to scroll around the battlefield much quicker, thus explore the map or move units much more effectively. The rate of this movement is dependant upon the rate at which you move the mouse with the right button held down.

Cow/Giant Ant IFV
If you manage to get a Cow or Giant Ant into an IFV, the IFV gets a seriously powerful weapon!

Monkey/Camel Weapons
If you fire at a monkey he retaliates by throwing bananas at you, while a Camel will spit at you!

Build Speed Bonus
If you have more than one of the same factory type in your base, the units produced by that factory type are produced faster depending on the number of factories you have. This applies to War Factories, Barracks, Naval Yards and Air Force Command Headquarters. For example, the more War Factories you have in your base, the faster you will be able to build vehicles.

Crate Powerups
Random crate powerups have been enhanced, with some new ones added, and there is now a more even probability of each one and they appear slightly more frequently. The random crates now comprise of;-

Armor - unit gets armor upgraded
Speed - unit gets speed upgraded
Firepower - unit gets firepower upgraded
Explosion - a Crazy Ivan booby trapped crate! - NEW
Napalm - unit burns to death (takes infantry out) - NEW
Nuke - one-time nuke shot - NEW
Unit - random unit from any point in time
Reveal - whole battle map revealed to the player
Shroud - whole battle map shrouded to the player - NEW
Veteran - unit promoted one 'step' from little experience > veteran > elite
Money - chunk of cash
Ore - random amount of ore - NEW
Radiation - unit gets covered in radioactive slime - NEW
Cloak - unit is rendered with limited invisibility - NEW
Berzerk Brute - one of Yuri's Brutes is unleashed and goes berzerk! - NEW
Genetic Mutation - a failed genetic experiment by Yuri is unleashed... - NEW
Insanity - the unit that picks this up goes berzerk and attacks the nearest object - NEW

Due to the effects of the Chronosphere on the space-time continuum, the random unit that appears from a crate could be any of the old units from Tiberium Dawn, Red Alert or Tiberian Sun. Note that MCVs are still available from crates as normal in the event that a player has lost their Construction Yard/MCV and still has sufficient funds with which to establish a base and continue battle.

There is also a small chance that a crate contains one of Yuri's failed experiments into genetic mutation which is unleashed onto the map - this small blob of genetic matter will simply roam the map and attack the nearest unit it meets - infantry are instantly digested by them and it destroys vehicles by sliding under them and flipping them over. Certain units are immune to attacks by a genetic mutation, and some other units can develop this ability when they reach Elite level.

Allied Forces
The Chronosphere's power has been upgraded. There is now a shorter range-dependant delay when Chrono-based units teleport and the Chronosphere now recharges slightly faster. The animation which fires to beam the object from one time-phase to another when the Chronosphere is activated has also been restored. WARNING: recent overuse of Chronosphere Technology and self-teleporting units has led to reports of 'wormholes' opening in the space-time continuum - although such reports are thus far unsubstantiated, these are extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

The storms generated by the Weather Control Device now last longer, however in keeping with realism the lightning bolts are less likely to inflict a direct hit on their intended target. Overall therefore, the storm still inflicts great damage but is less likely to win you the game. Note that lightning is now more likely to strike Tesla Coils when above them, as it is attracted to them by the increase in their electro-magnetic emissions. In order to provide the Allies with a greater element of surprise, players no longer get the text-message warning that a Weather Storm has been created.

If a Tech Airport is captured by an Allied Engineer, the Allied army which captures it gets to build A10 Warthog planes which can be used to straffe enemy forces with drums full of napalm. 

Prism Towers now inflict more damage when they combine, and they take a shorter time to recharge between firing. This is to support the countering of 'rush' tactics from opposing forces.

Allied forces can now call upon the services of Field Medics to heal infantry units in battle. These units are able to heal themselves over time and are immune to poison. If left alone, medics will automatically run to the aid of nearby infantry should they get harmed.

To provide more 'punch' against increasingly mobile Soviet forces, all Allied armies now have access to the tougher Abrams Tank.

Allied armies now get to build sandbag walls - quicker and cheaper base defense to prevent early 'engineer rushes' but easily destroyed.

To support their capabilities, Mirage Tanks are now invisible on enemy Radar.

All Allied armies now have access to the 'Vanguard' class support ship upon construction of a Naval Yard. This ship is unarmed although it can repair nearby vessels.

The Allied Spy Satellite technology has been enhanced and now reveals enemy submarine and subterranean unit movement and provides a visual warning on your Radar screen to indicate their presence.

As a counter to increasingly mobile Soviet activity and Yuri's new technologies, the Allies have re-engineered the technology employed by the EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) Tank. The EMP Tank can fire a high powered blast of electromagnetic energy that renders any vehicle inoperative. An EMP Tank can completely disable one vehicle at a time and uses all of it's energy to direct the pulse on it's target - if the EMP Tank is destroyed the disabled unit regains functionality. Units affected by an EMP Tank can not be moved or ordered to fire, and can now be destroyed - thus the EMP Tank can be used to immobilize the target whilst other forces move in for the kill. Once a vehicle has been immobilized, the EMP Tank can be moved out of harms way although cannot acquire a furter target until it's current one, or the EMP Tank itself, is destroyed.

In response to increasing submarine and amphibious assaults, the Allies now have the capability of deploying Naval Mines, which can be built from a Naval Yard. Although slow, these mines are radio controlled from the Naval Yard and automatically move around the sea to acquire any nearby naval target, after which they attach to the target and explode causing massive damage.

Tanya now has the ability to clear out structures which have been occupied by enemy infantry thus instantly kill them all - order her to enter an occupied structure to clear it out in this manner. Tanya will use her C4 as normal on structures that are not garrisoned.

Allied Commanders can now order Dogs to enter garrisoned structures and clear out the occupants in a similar manner to Tanya - when inside the building, the Dogs will go berzerk and kill all the occupants.

All Allied armies now have access to a previously classified upgrade to the Airforce Command Headquarters. Once this structure is present in your base, you will be able to build Airstrip Upgrades. Although these cannot produce aircraft by themselves (you still need the Airforce Command Headquarters for that) they do act as 4 auxiliary landing spots for aircraft and will reload and repair them. You can also set aircraft waypoints from each Airstrip Upgrade. These have been designed to ease base expansion problems and facilitate greater numbers in air strikes without the Commander having to build another Airforce Command Headquarters at greater expense.

To provide additional support for power resources, Allied armies are now able to place additional power-rods into each Power Plant they have upon construction of a Battle Lab. Each Power Plant can accomodate one upgrade which will increase it's power output by 30% providing Allied commanders with additional, cost efficient power supplies without the need to expand their base meaning they can keep structures within the field of effect of a Gap Generator. As an added bonus, if you upgrade a damaged Power Plant in this manner it will fully reapired at not cost as part of the upgrade process.

French engineers have finally released a prototype unit to all Allied commanders. Based on highly experimental technology, the aptly named Chrono Prison is armed with an extremely powerful Neutron Cannon, a significantly more potent version of the Chrono Legionnaire's Neutron Rifle. The Chrono Prison can erase almost anything in an instant, by storing the resultant temporal energy in a globule of frozen time before warping it away. The weapon however requires charging before it can be used, and it's drawback is that due to it's portability it can only affect comparatively small objects such as tanks or soldiers - it is useless against structures. The unit itself is only lightly armored in order to keep it portable, as the technology behind this unit carries extraordinary weight in itself. Reports that 'captured' units have been observed phasing back in and out of the current time plane when a Chrono Prison has been destroyed are thus far unsubstantiated and probably originate from the fact that this unit is still in experimental stages of development. Since firing the Neutron Cannon can result in an interruption to the space-time continuum, it is advisable to deploy these units in small numbers in order to prevent complete temporal distortion of the current time-phase.

Britain - The British are the experts at espionage. British armies can produce veteran Snipers, Rocketeers, Engineers and IFV's, and have exclusive access to the 'Phase Tank', an advanced prototype of the Allied Mirage Tank. Through an elaborate system of mirrors and reflective armor, the Phase Tank can actually choose to disguise itself as almost any terrain object, however it will not do so automatically - it must be programmed with a target first. Select the tank, then move the cursor over the terrain object (eg rock, tree, lamp post) you wish to emulate (you will get a 'fire' cursor), click to 'fire' and the tank will position it's mirroring system and replicate the target. Note that Ore Mine 'disguises' are not as effective - the Phase Tank has difficulty in emulating an animate object, as this causes it's mirror system to fail and gives it away. Note that Phase Tanks will only be disguised when they have been given a target to disguise as - movement and firing will remove the disguise until it is given a new target. British armies have access to the new Light Tank too, which after extensive testing has been developed to perform at high speed on all terrains. Equipped with a targetting laser, this is an ideal unit for patrols, scouting and 'hit & run' tactics. British armies also have access to their own unique Spy - this covert operative's specialist knowledge means that as well as acting as the standard Allied spy, he is also able to steal any vehicle on the map. To steal a vehicle, select the spy, move the cursor over the vehicle you want him to steal and an 'enter' cursor will appear above it. Click the unit and the spy will steal that vehicle. When the vehicle is subsequently destroyed, the Spy is released again although slightly hurt. The British also have, of course, the Sniper, who can now be 'deployed' into a lying position to benefit from longer range and accuracy although he must be undeployed before he can move. Snipers can now also occupy buildings to benefit from this increased firing range and also offer support to ground assaults when placed into the Battle Fortress, and, like Navy SEALs, the Sniper also has a more fitting outfit when in snow terrain to conceal his appearance.

France - The French are the Allied defensive experts and specialists in Chrono Technology. French armies can produce veteran Chrono Commando's, Chrono Legionnaires, Spies, Chrono Miners and Grizzly Tanks. As originally conceived, the French can now build their own specific walls which are considerably stronger than any other wall in the game. French armies also get exclusive access to the highly experimental Phalanx Tank - the Phalanx is a 'quick hit' unit capable of chronoshifting itself around the battlefield, and is armed with very effective twin missiles. The French also have, of course, the Grand Cannon.

Germany - The Germans are the anti-assault specialists. They can produce Guardian GI's, Dogs, Harriers and Tank Destroyers at veteran level. To supplement their 'anti-tank' capabilities, German armies now have access to the Mine Layer. This vehicle is a special adaptation of the IFV, and can deploy up to 5 mines on the battlefield. These powerful mines are invisible to enemy forces and capable of taking out infantry units instantly plus causing massive damage to vehicles which cross over them. Unfortunately, due to the nature of their payload, Mine Layers cannot be reloaded - once they have deployed their 5 mines they can no longer be utilized. Germany also has access to a new development based on harmonic resonance research with Dolphins - the resultant Paradox Tank can emit a powerful harmonic resonance wave which can shatter any unit or structure caught in it, although due to it's experimental nature commanders are advised to keep distance from them as units have been lost due to instances of 'friendly fire'. The Germans also have, of course, the Tank Destroyer.

America - America is a good all round Allied army with unique specialities. The Americans can produce veteran GI's, Navy SEALs and Abrams Tanks. The Americans also have the Aircraft Carrier 'Nimitz' instead of the standard allied Aircraft Carrier. Nimitz carries 4 Hornet fighters instead of the usual 3, and it's advanced facilities mean that the aircraft reload and are ready for battle much quicker than with standard Aircraft Carriers. Uniquely, the Americans get access to the elite Stealth Bomber, an extremely fast and deadly aircraft which is invisible to radar. American paradrops also comprise of veteran GI's rather than the standard infantry unit.

Korea - Korea is the Allied air force specialist supplemented by good ground capabilities. Korean armies can produce veteran Dolphins, Tanya, Black Eagles and Nighthawk Transports as well as Battle Fortresses to give them extra punch on the ground. The Koreans also have, of course, the elite Black Eagle fighter squadron. The Koreans can also build a 'super' Gap Generator, which offers a considerable advantage over it's Allied counterparts - this works by utilizing surplus power to create a bigger area to cover. When you have a sufficiently large power surplus in your base, select the Gap Generator, then click again to activate it - your surplus power is used by the Gap Generator to generate a bigger gap. To deactivate this feature (for example if you are in a low power situation), simply select the Super Gap Generator and click it again to deactivate it - the Super Gap Generator will revert to functioning as a normal one and the surplus power it used is restored for use by other structures. To extend their operational capabilities further into the battlefield, the Koreans have developed the Mobile Gap Generator, which functions in much the same way the stationary one does. Although it projects a much smaller gap field, Korean commanders can hide several units under it's cover, preventing the enemy from seeing what's being sent against them. Click the Mobile Gap Generator to select it, then click it again to deploy it and activate it's Gap Generator. Select it again and move the cursor to redeploy it. 

Soviet Forces
The Spy Plane is now only available upon construction of the new Soviet Air Control Center which also allows Soviet Commanders to make strategic use of Parabombs. Although not available frequently, they can be called as with any other Super Weapon and operate like a paradrop however instead of troops, large bombs will be dropped at the targetted dropsite which instantaneously explode, causing substantial damage to any nearby objects. Use caution, as the bombs do not discriminate and will damage your own troops if they are within their proximity. This means that both Parabombs and the Spy Plane can be disabled in the same way as other Super Weapons.

Objects which have been planted with explosives by a Crazy Ivan will now explode after a much longer time interval, and Crazy Ivans are now able to control exactly when the object explodes within that time limit. Once you have planted explosives on the object, double click it to detonate. Also, you no longer have to 'force fire' to attach explosives to your own units. In addition, Crazy Ivan's can now improve with experience like all other units and be trained at veteran level. Note that Crazy Ivans can still be placed into a 'friendly' transport by holding down the 'Alt' key and then commanding them to enter it.

All Soviet armies now get to construct Guard Towers, a weak machine-gun tower which due to it's sight range and height can see disguised enemy units approaching.

Soviet scientists have considerably upgraded the Iron Curtain, and this now works with a 'charge drain' effect. You will be able to see from the Iron Curtain's icon in the sidebar how long it has left before the invulnerability effect wears off, however once it is fully charged and ready you can continually call upon it's use until the charge wears down. This has been implemented to provide Soviet forces with additional protection against weather storms, nuclear attacks and 'rush tactics'.

Soviet armies now get to build barbed wire fences - quicker and cheaper base defense to prevent early 'engineer rushes' but easily destroyed.

Construction of the new Soviet Air Control Center provides Soviet Commanders with further options, which can be used to augment their attacks from afar.

Upon Construction of a Service Depot, all Soviet armies now get a Mechanic infantry unit with the structure, who is able to repair vehicles as well as remove Terror Drones from them. To support the new Soviet 'mobility' technology, the Mechanic can be ferried with the Antonov and can even recharge his batteries if he walks onto a Service Depot. Note that Mechanics cannot be trained independantly of constructing a Service Depot. Placing a Mechanic into an Allied IFV creates a Mobile Repair Vehicle (like the Engineer). Note that Soviet Engineers cannot be used to create the Repair vehicle when placed into an IFV. If left alone, Mechanics will automatically rush to repair any nearby damaged vehicles.

The Soviets have also developed a dangerous new mobile technology - the Iron Fist. Based around the MCV design, this is in effect a Mobile War Factory which moves underground and can be deployed and redeployed around the battlefield at will, allowing for more effective deployment of units. When undeployed, the Iron Fist vehicle can defend itself with multi-purpose missiles. Note that the Iron Fist is not in itself a factory - it is merely a means by which Soviet forces can produce units from any specific point on the battlefield - the Soviet Weapons Factory itself actually produces the unit while the Iron Fist provides a point on the battlefield where it is produced. Thus the absence of a Soviet Weapons Factory will still render you unable to build units, even with a deployed Iron Fist, although having both deployed still gives you the bonus to the production speed of units. Note that because the Iron Fist is actually a deployed vehicle, it cannot be repaired or sold when deployed, although it can be repaired as normal when undeployed. In conjunction with the Iron Curtain, the Iron Fist represents a formidable tool for Soviet armies.

To augment their mobility, Soviet armies now have access to the previously classified Antonov Cargo Plane upon construction of a Service Depot. This air transport can pick up vehicles and ferry them around the battlefield. Select the Antonov, then move the cursor over the vehicle you wish to pick up and left click. The Antonov will pick up the vehicle, and can be used to move it to any point on land across the battlefield where it will automatically drop it off. To detach the Antonov from a vehicle, select it and left click when the deploy cursor appears. Although the Antonov can pick up naval units, you should note that they cannot be re-deployed in the same manner as ground based forces.

All Soviet armies now get to produce the 'Helicarrier', a naval-based unit which carries a single attack chopper. This unit operates in a similar manner to the Allied Destroyer, although it can be used to launch aerial attacks from sea and at some distance, and is a useful weapon against naval and ground based units.

Further research based on the work of Nikola Tesla has led to an advancement in the Tesla Coil - it now has a further range, charges quicker and does more damage, however due to the additional electromagnetic discharge it generates it is now more likely to be struck by lightning during a Weather Storm.

Concerned about Yuri's power, Romanov has commissioned Nikola Tesla to restore and enhance Soldier Volkov, the former elite special forces commando and personal guard to Joseph Stalin. This cyborg is almost unstoppable and is armed with lethal multi-purpose weaponry making him deadly in battle. Because Volkov is more machine than he is man, this lack of organic matter means he is able to be teleported by the Chrono Sphere without being harmed and cannot be affected by Yuri's Genetic Mutator. This also means that Allied Spies cannot disguise themselves as Volkov and makes him immune to the poison generated by the Virus sniper. Even when badly damaged, Volkov just keeps coming at you. Be aware however that even Volkov can be crushed by the larger, heavier vehicles such as the Battle Fortress and Apocalypse. Volkov has also been upgraded and can now interface with enemy structures, providing him with similar abilities to the Allied Spy, although his weapons systems do not enable him to destroy the walls that protect some structures from his infiltration.

Tesla Troopers and Dogs now have the ability to clear out structures which have been occupied by enemy infantry thus instantly kill them all - order them to enter an occupied structure to clear it out in this manner. Tesla Troopers will short-circuit the power supply to the building electrocuting the occupants in the process, whilst Dogs will simply go berzerk and kill them all.

The Siege Chopper has been re-engineered so that it is able to deploy much quicker, facilitating much more rapid deployment of Soviet ground assault capability.

The Industrial Plant now costs more to produce although it now provides a reduction in the costs of all items rather than just vehicles.

In the absence of any genetic engineering technology, the Soviets have derived an innovative way of countering Yuri's Brutes and the Allied Battle Fortress. Soviet armies can now build an infantry Adrenaline Vault. Based on the Cloning Vat design, this allows any infantry unit to enter it and receive an injected adrenaline boost - the effect being that the unit is instantly upgraded to Elite status in a similar manner to the Tech Armory. Be warned however that this structure can be captured by enemy Engineers and units with advanced mind control capabilities, thus could be used against you in a base assault.

With the loss of much of their technology with Yuri's 'defection', the Soviets have found a new solution to make optimum use of their ground forces - the fearsome Seismic Tank, more affectionately known as the 'Hammer & Sickle'. This huge, slow moving and heavily armored unit can crush vehicles with it's mass (it cannot be crushed itself due to it's immense size) and provides the Soviets with a boost to assaults against enemy forces with it's weapon - an enormous 'hammer' which it pounds into the ground and through which it transmits a seismic charge of energy, shaking structures to their foundations and causing immense damage to anything within the radius of the seismic blast. Although Seismic Tanks are shielded against the effects of the seismic activity they generate, any objects will be damaged by it (including your own) within it's radius of effect, although it has a partial suppression system which can prevent it from firing when too close to structures you own - it has even been known to make cliff faces collapse providing new tactical routes across the battlefield. If this unit 'drops the hammer', be somewhere else.

Russia - The very center of the Soviet might, the Russians pose a diverse overall threat to any opposing force. Russian armies can produce veteran Tesla Troopers, Tesla Tanks and Kirovs. Realizing their Navy lacked first-strike capability, Russian armies now have access to a new class of the standard Soviet Submarine - the Oktober Class - which is armed with deadly Cluster Missiles, making it capable of launching attacks on inland targets. The Cluster Missile explodes in mid-air above it's target and 'rains' a series of smaller missiles downwards. However, the sub has to surface as it fires making it both visible and vulnerable to enemy attacks. Because of the nature of it's payload, it is limited to firing one missile at a time and takes a while to reload between shots, and only one Oktober Sub can be deployed by this army at any one time. Also new to the Russians is the highly experimental M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction) Tank - more familiarly known as the 'quake tank'. This is a final solution weapon that, once activated, builds up a powerful harmonic shock wave. When deployed, it detonates, destroying itself and damaging everything within a large radius around it. However, infantry are unaffected by it's detonation. To activate the M.A.D. Tank for detonation, select it then click on it again. The countdown and warning siren will start and the tank will detonate. The Russians also have, of course, the Tesla Tank.

Cuba - The Cubans form the terrorist arm of the Soviet might. Cubans can produce veteran Crazy Ivans, Terrorists and Flack Tracks and now have access to the 'Hind Transport', a fast helicopter transport armed with air-to-ground weaponry which can carry up to 5 passengers. Cuban Terrorists can now be improved with veterancy and can gain the ability to use C4 on structures and even become invisible on enemy radar. In addition, Terorrists no longer blow up their comrades in a cataclysmic chain reaction.

Libya - Libya are the Soviet demolition experts. Libyan armies can produce veteran Flack Troopers and Rhino Tanks. Libya now has access to the powerful 'Howitzer', a devastating ground vehicle which is extremely effective against infantry and vehicles. It is lethal when used as base defense and equally as powerful when used in assault, with it's long range giving it great advantage over it's adversaries. The Libyans also have, of course, the Demolition Truck. The Libyans also have access to an advanced Dreadnaught instead of the standard Dreadnaught, which is able to reload it's missiles faster than standard Dreadnaughts. 

Iraq - Iraq are the 'storm troopers' of the Soviet faction, making use of diverse weaponry designed to instill fear into their enemies. Iraqi armies can produce veteran Conscripts, Dogs, War Miners and V3 Rocket Launchers. In response to growing attacks from paratroopers, Iraqi forces can now train Flamer infantry units. Armed with a highly volatile flame-thrower, they are able to ignite and expel a jet of intense flammable liquid making them lethal against infantry, particuarly because their fire-proof suits make them immune to 'friendly fire'. If the Iraqis manage to obtain an Allied IFV, the Flamer can be used to turn it into a Flame Tank. The Iraqis also have a more advanced version of this weaponry in the form of the Firecaster Tank, armed with twin jet-streams which it uses to propel flammable liquid at it's target, meaning it is able to mow through enemy infantry with little or no damage to itself. Flamer infantry and Firecaster Tanks are also able to burn down trees and other terrain objects, making them an ideal unit for spotting disguised Mirage and Phase Tanks. The Iraqis also have, of course, the dreaded Desolator and to strengthen their overall combat effectiveness the Iraqi's have also developed a 'radioactive' Tank. By stimulating the emission of radiation from the radioactive matter it carries, the Rad Tank can project an amplified beam of concentrated radiation at it's target, instantly killing infantry and initiating the meltdown of enemy vehicles. The Rad Tank's internal shielding also means that it is immune to all forms of radiation, although it can also self-destruct by heating it's payload to critical mass and breaching that internal shielding, leaving a dangerous field of radioactive waste - however a side effect of carrying such radioactive matter is that should the Rad Tank be destroyed the waste will still be deposited - if it gets destroyed, be somewhere else.

Yuri's Army
To counter Spy Planes and Spy Sattelites, Yuri has developed the Psychic Illusion Device, his own adaptation of the Allied Gap Generator and Mirage Tank technology combined. This device supports the Psychic Radar by giving you an audible warning when an enemy presence is detected within it's range, however it's most useful function is it's ability to generate a radius around itself within which it is somehow able to 'bend' light, fooling the minds of any nearby enemy units and rendering anything within it's radius of effect practically invisible to anything outside it. The device requires a huge amount of power to operate - simply send more units into a Bio Reactor to feed the Psychic Illusion Device's power requirements and remain hidden from enemy forces.

The Psychic Radar has been enhanced and now indicates the intended target of a Nuke by flashing a psychic warning image over that target, giving you valuable time to take action before it's too late! The Psychic Radar now detects cloaked, submarine, subterranean and disguised units within it's radius of effect - in the case of the first two, it will also provide a visual warning on your radar. These enhancements to it's detection abilities mean that it will also provide a visual indication of any object which has been selected for disguise by a Spy or Phase Tank.

Whilst extending his mind control experiments for the Soviets, Yuri, quite literally, went to new depths in his quest for suitable subjects. After the success of the Giant Squid, Yuri is now using Giant Jellyfish as a means of attack. However, due to their relative lack of brain power, Jellyfish did not respond too well to the mind control technique, but a few volts from a Tesla Coil soon eliminated their resistance. This led to an unexpected but beneficial side effect - the Jellyfish are able to project the electrical discharge they acquired, however it is inaccurate. Although slow, Jellyfish move amphibiously across the battlefield, making them a dangerous recruit to Yuri's forces.

Only the owner of a Psychic Tower (or their allies) can now see it's pip scale to determine how many units it is mind controlling, however the rods on the tower now glow when it first mind controls a unit, thus enemy forces can still determine (to a lesser degree) whether or not it is active.

Not content with simply controlling the minds of his enemies, Yuri has recalled his aptly named Parasite Troopers - these units use jet packs similar in manner to the Allied Rocketeer, although they have the added ability to land and take off meaning they can also be used as ground troops or as additional 'fuel' for Bio Reactors. Although this can at times hinder their abilities, it gives them the advantage of being able to infiltrate enemy structures and steal vehicles in the same way as the British Spy, providing Yuri with the ability to steal enemy technology as well as funds.

Yuri is testing a prototype Super Weapon - the Psychic Beacon can be used to generate further chaos by spreading psychadelic gas across the battlefield. When charged, the Psychic Beacon can generate clouds of this gas which makes anything it comes into contact with go berzerk for a short while, meaning the affected unit will attack friendly objects with equal fervor to its enemies. Be warned - this gas can affect your own units as well as your enemies, and the device has been known to malfunction under certain conditions...for this reason its uses is best reserved only for dire emergencies to prevent heavy rush tactics on your base.

Yuri - Yuri's rise to power as an independant force has led him to utilize strange new technologies in his own quest for global dominance. As a result, Yuri's army has developed an incredibly versatile and diverse range of offensive and defensive strategic opportunities. Uniquely, Yuri's Engineers are amphibious, meaning they can be used to steal enemy Naval Yards and repair his own, and advances in research mean Yuri's Army now produces Brutes, Initiates, Lasher Tanks and Masterminds at veteran level. The addition of Psychic Illusion technology allows Yuri's armies to fool the minds of enemy units allowing them to remain concealed from sight as well as the Spy Satellite, Spy Plane and Psychic Reveal, rendering them almost invisible on the battlefield, whilst Yuri's Psychic Beacon can be used to fuel further chaos by spreading psychadelic gas across the battlefield.

General Additions
The unused Tech Building in the game has been enabled - the Tech Armory can be used to upgrade infantry units to 'elite' status (only certain maps include this structure although it can appear on maps created with the Random Map Generator). To make use of this structure, capture it in the same way you would any other Tech Building. Select an infantry unit, and command it to enter the structure. After a short while, the unit will emerge upgraded to 'elite' status (you must move your infantry unit away before another one can enter). Additionally, all Tech Buildings can now be repaired by the army which captures them should they become damaged.

Some multiplayer maps have been enhanced by the addition of 'destroyable cliffs' - these look like normal cliff sections except they can be targetted and destroyed to allow your forces to get to otherwise inaccessible areas of the battlefield. Use caution if you construct your base near such a cliff as you may unwittingly provide your opponent with access. Other maps allow you to make full and proper use of tunnels for additional tactical play.

The wind in the game now has a greater effect on projectiles, jumpjets and aircraft (except on maps set on the moon).

If you choose to install the Red Alert 2 DeeZire enhanced audio support when you first install the mod, several new sounds will be available in the game including unit voices that would otherwise be heard only in the single player campaigns.

More units are available when a player captures a Secret Lab. This includes the British Spy, in order that Soviet armies can have a (remote) chance of obtaining secret technologies by infiltrating enemy Battle Labs (they would otherwise have no ability to do this in Yuri's Revenge).

Some structures now have their own unique explosion sequences when destroyed - Construction Yards, Allied Barracks, Chrono Sphere, Tesla Coils and Prism Towers. Survivors from destroyed hi-tech structures may now include Technicians - these are slow, weak and armed with a pistol.

You no longer obtain GIs from a paradrop by playing as Soviets or Yuri and capturing an American Airforce Command Headquarters - you can only receive troops from your own side with a paradrop.

Service Depots now reload any units that dock with them as well as repairing them. Like previous Command & Conquer games, vehicles docked with a Service Depot can now be sold to recoup half of their initial cost. This is useful for players when short of funds but have a lot of tanks. Should any player capture a Tech Outpost, they gain the ability to 'recycle' damaged units instead of repairing them (thus recouping half of their initial cost in the same way) provided they also own a Service Depot. When a unit is sent to any structure for repair (Service Depot, Naval Yard, Airfield or Tech Outpost), it can be sold instead by selecting the 'recycle' icon from the sidebar which works in a similar manner to a Super Weapon - simply click the icon, then click on the unit currently being repaired to sell it instead. This provides a more economic alternative to spending credits repairing a unit when the credits recouped for selling it would be preferable to the cost of repairing it. These features provide a more economic alternative to spending credits repairing a unit when the credits recouped for selling it would be preferable to the cost of repairing it.

Almost all units and vehicles can now be built at veteran level when a Spy infiltrates the appropriate enemy factory type.

The screen now shakes when very big explosions occur (the Nuke being the best example!) and such explosions will also 'rock' nearby vehicles. Destroyed vehicles now generate realistic debris including axles as well as tyres, and when you attack a monkey or a camel they now respond by throwing bananas or spitting at you (seriously - this was hidden in the game!) 

Armies that are allied no longer have their weapon fire blocked by each others walls - for weapon firing purposes, your allies walls are now considered 'transparent'.

A 'brain' animation now plays over units that have been permanently mind controlled by the Psychic Dominator.

Since each country now has it's own individual economic and production attributes, there is no longer a handicap to the build-time of specific units.

Multiplayer Game Enhancements
Multiplayer skirmish games take on a whole new dimension with Red Alert 2 DeeZire. The 8-player Official Tournament Map has been enabled (Battle, Mega Wealth and Assault versions) and three maps exclusive to Red Alert 2 DeeZire users are also included - 'South Pole Slaughter (2)', 'Mutually Assured Destruction (2-4)', 'Narrow River (2-6)' and 'Cuplet (2)', all of which make use of the additional map functionality provided by Red Alert 2 DeeZire. You can also play normal multiplayer games on maps which are usually reserved for the multiplayer campaign game - these include;-

Assault & Pepper (2-4)
Deep Freeze (2-4)
Across The Nile (2-4)
Frost Bite (2-4)
Face Down (2-4)

The Random Map Generator has been enhanced to ensure a more even probability of 'realistic' terrain and will deposit more Ore on the map. It will also randomly deploy the Tech Armory and Secret Lab in the same way it deploys other Tech Buildings on random maps. In addition, you can now use maps produced by the Random Map Generator in the Unholy Alliance and Team Alliance game modes.

UNIQUE - several multiplayer maps exist in the game files which cannot be used as they are badly corrupted. Red Alert 2 DeeZire repairs and restores these maps, allowing you to play them in skirmish mode games as normal. These maps are exclusive to Red Alert 2 DeeZire users and have not been seen anywhere outside of Westwood Studios! The maps are;-

Wild Animal Park (2-6) - Mega Wealth version
Polar Cap (2-8)
Glasnost (2-4)
Twin Isles (2-4)
Bonanza (2) - Mega Wealth version
A City Divided (2-4) - very simliar to 'The Alamo' with some subtle differences
LA Reservoir (2-4)
Montana (2-4) - Urban Combat version
Snowball Effect (2-4) - The infamous 'E32' map which was badly corrupted

In addition, corrupted versions of the 'Arctic Circle (2-8)' and 'Double Trouble (2-4)' maps have been reapired and adapted specially for the new Assault game mode. This gives you a total of 20 extra maps with Red Alert 2 DeeZire - further maps exclusive to users of Red Alert 2 DeeZire are also available via the DeeZire Online website.

You are no longer limited to 'Battle' mode either - you can now play Mega Wealth, Land Rush, Meat Grinder and Naval War games against the computer. Plus there are 6 NEW modes of play;-

Nuke War - all armies get access to all the buildings which provide the Super Weapons, meaning all players can have all of the Super Weapons at their disposal. The game also reverts to the standard mode of revealing these structures to all players when they are built, and showing the countdown display for each weapon as normal. Nukes are not available from random crates in this mode of play. Note that if Super Weapons are not enabled for this mode of play then the game defaults to standard Battle mode.

Crate War - random crates appear much more frequently and there are many more of them. You also get much more money than usual from a random crate, and every unit or structure destroyed will also leave a crate behind! Units picking up a 'veteran' crate powerup in this game mode are upgraded straight to 'elite' level, there is a different money crate that gives you a random amount of money. Note that if Random Crates are disabled for this mode of play, the game defaults to standard Battle mode.

Urban Combat - these battles take place exclusively in urban cities, where you must use the city to gain the advantage over your enemies. All structures can be garrisoned, and Oil Derricks must be captured to earn money (although they provide more funds than normal). Random crates are more likely to give you a unit in this mode of play, and players are also restricted to air and land based units in this game mode.

Global Dominance - the ultimate Allies V Soviets V Yuri battle! Allied and Soviet armies have access to all technologies from their relevant sides so there are no longer any 'country-specific' units or structures. The differences in each countries' characteristics remain however, meaning there is still a reason to play as a different country depending on your preferred style of play. Capturing an opposing faction's Construction Yard will give you access to all of their technology too!

Sole Survivor - be the hunter or the hunted - players start with a squad of infantry with their Armored Amphibious Transport after being dropped off on a reconnaisance mission. The idea is to destroy your enemies transport thus preventing them escaping! The map starts off fully revealed but the shroud will continually grow and cover the map over time. The game is won when a player destroys their enemies transport, and losing your own transport loses you the game. No bases can be built so it's just your squad against the enemies. In this game mode, crate goodies consist entirely of unit bonuses, your infantry are able to gradually heal themselves over time if left alone, and there are better bonuses for veteran and elite units.

Assault - a modern take on 'Capture The Flag' - at the start of the game, each army on the map is given a Flag close to their starting point which they must protect at all costs while trying to destroy enemy Flags. Any army which loses their Flag is instantly removed from the game. Flags cannot be captured or moved - they must be destroyed.

Note that the unused Siege mode from standard Red Alert 2 has not been made available, as the new Team Game mode in Yuri's Revenge has practically replaced it.

Artificial Intelligence Enhancements
Red Alert 2 DeeZire brings you the significantly advanced 'DeeVious' Artificial Intelligence which represents much more of a challenge to human players. Although more experienced and adept Red Alert 2 players may not find it that much more difficult, it is certainly different and more of a challenge whilst being much less predictable.

Computer controlled armies will employ new units and tactics against you, and now have a multitude of new attacks and strategies with which to gain the advantage in battle. The AI now makes better use of success/failure assessment and threat rating systems, and will attempt to use a much wider and diverse range of strategies to defeat it's enemies whilst trying to find and exploit their weaknesses - for every action, the AI now has a reaction.

Each AI controlled country will also play to it's own strengths whilst trying to play down their individual weaknesses and make better use of their unique units. The vast improvement in strategies available for computer controlled armies means that they are also much less predictable, and will also play the game appropriately between different multiplayer game modes. 

As a result of playing against some of the highest ranked players in the world, game-winning strategies and tactics have been programmed into the AI. The result is that the AI will assess the state of battle and strive to adopt the playing style of any one of several 'Generals', each with their own characteristic ranging from 'turtling' and 'rushing' tactics to weak defense/strong attack combinations and even all-out mayhem!

This enhanced Aritifical Intelligence interface is unique to Red Alert 2 DeeZire and also defines a clearer differential between game difficulty level settings, allowing for a much more clearly defined learning curve for players.

The AI enhancements can also be enabled and disabled independantly to the rest of the mod through the Red Alert 2 DeeZire Control Panel, accessable through the Red Alert 2 DeeZire folder on your Start Menu.

Multiplayer Debug Mode
Red Alert 2 DeeZire supports Multiplayer Debug mode. Upon installing Red Alert 2 DeeZire you will be able to engage this through the Red Alert 2 DeeZire Control Panel, accessable through the folder on your Start Menu. Select this new option to start Red Alert 2 DeeZire with Multiplayer Debug mode engaged. Starting Red Alert 2 in any other normal way (for example through any existing Desktop icons or Start Menu options) will start Red Alert 2 DeeZire without Multiplayer Debug Mode engaged.

With Multiplayer Debug Mode engaged, start a multiplayer game, click the Options Tab, select Game Options, and select the option to configure the Keyboard Controls. You will see a new option in the list - 'Debug'. Select this option, and you can assign new 'hot keys' to enable the two debug options. 'Game Sync Logging' turns extra game sync logging on and off, and 'Multiplayer Debug Info' toggles the debug display on and off. The debug display contains useful information about the game, including how many frames per second the game is processing - a good measure of the games performance on your computer which will assist you in optimizing your system configuration.

There are optional components exclusive to Red Alert 2 DeeZire users which can be downloaded from the official Red Alert 2 DeeZire website which further enhance the mod;-

Expansion 1 - Themes & Screens: this expansion pack provides you with the three 'missing' themes from the standard version of Red Alert 2 (C&C In The House, Ready The Army, Probing) plus the original loading screens for Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge.

Expansion 2 - Creature Feature: this expansion pack replaces the Allied campaign with a version of the Giant Ant campaign from the original Red Alert, and replaces the Soviet campaign with a version of the Jurassic Park campaign from Tiberium Dawn - complete with movies!

Expansion 3 - Taunts: this expansion replaces the standard taunts in Red Alert 2 with some classic sounds from previous Command & Conquer games, many of which have never been heard as they were not used in their original games!

Additional Maps - a selection of additional multiplayer maps fur use exclusively with Red Alert 2 DeeZire are also available from the official Red Alert 2 DeeZire website.

Third Party Support
Red Alert 2 DeeZire offers complete support for Final Alert 2 and maps created with it. You can use Final Alert 2 to create maps with Red Alert 2 DeeZire installed and enabled to make use of additional units, structures and features that are otherwise unavailable (including the Chrono Reinforcements screen), and although such maps will benefit from the additional and enhanced functionality, they can only be played on PC's with Red Alert 2 DeeZire installed and enabled. Red Alert 2 DeeZire also supports the unofficial Red Alert 2 Terrain Expansion set by Blade. The 'Assault' game mode in Red Alert 2 DeeZire is also supported by the Cannis Rules mod - this game mode uses specially designed maps which ship with both mods, and any multiplayer maps created by DeeZire or Cannis specifically for this game mode will work equally well in either mod - further maps will be available for download from the websites of the mods. Any multiplayer maps created with or without the mod installed will work as normal with the mod - indeed, some maps may benefit from the enhanced functionality provided when the mod is enabled.

Version History
- Tweaks and amendments to aid compatibility with Red Alert 2 DeeZire
- Amended voices used by Lasher Tank
- Tweaks to support Urban Combat game mode
- Amendment to IFV voices (now has unique voice when ordered to repair vehicles)
- Tanya has more voices (included voices from standard RA2 - not as annoying!)
- Added Genetic Mutation crate baddie (muhahahaha!)
- Added Berzerk Brute crate baddie
- Added Insanity crate baddie
- Soviet Siege Chopper now acknowledges commands to deploy and undeploy
- Yuri's Engineers are now amphibious
- Restored original icon and correct death voices to Yuri's Engineer
- The Mastermind, Chaos Drone and Robot Tank can now attain Veteran and Elite status
- Restored and enabled corrupted/unused maps
- Added Lunar-C, Dino Park and Return To Forest Fires maps
- Reduced probability of Nuke, Explosion and Napalm crate baddies
- Increased speed of Soviet Siege Chopper deployment
- Restored unused animations to Soviet Industrial Plant, Yuri's Grinder and Psychic Tower
- Improved cost benefits with Soviet Industrial Plant
- Added sound to Yuri's Sub Pen when repairing units
- Amendments to voices on Hero units
- Boris' airstrike is now correctly effective when he reaches Elite level (Boris improves, not the planes)
- Tweaks and improvements to animations
- The British Sniper can now occupy structures and has a better weapon when in a Battle Fortress
- Restored unused animation to Tower Of London
- Enabled missing veteran icon for Boomer Sub
- Added Adrenaline Vault to all Soviet armies
- Improvement to images on poison gas cloud from Virus weapon
- Added different animation for units that are permanently mind controlled
- You must now have a Barracks before you can build the Cloning Vat
- Spies are (randomly) available when Secret Lab is captured
- Random maps can now be used in Team Game mode
- Updated code for the Allied EMP Tank (EMP'd units can now be destroyed whilst immobilized)
- Yuri's Sub Pen can now be captured by enemy Yuri Engineers
- Optimizations for 1.001 Patch;-
- LAX Building can now be garrisoned
- Magnetron's standard and Elite weapons now have same range
- Slave Miner has same cost and buildtime wherever it is built from (although is more expensive)
- Increased strength on Boris' MiGs and Soviet Spy Plane
- Decreased cost of Soviet Siege Chopper
- Yuri Clone's pyschic blast no longer harms friendly psychic units
- Guardian GI's weapon now damages paratroopers
- SEAL now has sound when created
- Gattling Cannon ground-range slightly increased

- Snipers 'pip' when occupying a building is now green to differentiate him from other occupiers
- The Random Map Generator will now randomly place the Secret Lab on maps
- Amended animation on Psychic Tower (no longer vanishes on certain maps)
- DeeVious AI is now used by Yuri's army (muhahahaha!)
- Improvements to DeeVious AI to support Allied & Soviet forces against Yuri's Army
- AI will now use it's Force Shield to defend against Parabombs
- Tweak to MiG Voices
- Added unused voices to Guardian GI when deploying
- Fixed issues with Sole Survivor game mode;-
- Yuri does not get MCV
- Vehicles are no longer in crates
- Random Maps can now be used
- Apocalypse Tanks can no longer be crushed by a Battle Fortress
- Further enhancements to EVA interface;-
- map-specific warnings of impending rushes by opponents, incoming Spy Planes and Air Strikes
- Sofia now informs Soviet players Psychic Reveal is ready if they have it (thanx Blade!)
- EVA now uses correct voice to inform Allied players when paradrops are ready
- New announcements added when Tech Armory or Tech Power Plant are captured
- Now provides warning upon activation of Psychic Dominator
- Correct voices now used when Chrono/Slave/War Miners are under attack
- Amended Psychic Illusion Device for Yuri's army (was Psychic Shroud Generator)
- Added sound to Slaves when digging for Ore
- Camels now retaliate by spitting at players
- Tweaked multiplayer load screen for Yuri's Army (thanx Blade!)
- Tweaks to voices on Mechanic, Boris, Tanya, Boomer Sub, Siege Chopper, Floating Disk and Slaves
- Units 'dropped' after being levitated by a Magnetron now inflict 'true' damage (based on their weight)
- Tweaks to various ingame sound effects
- Enabled unused sequence when Tanya places C4 on vehicles
- Added Assault game mode (thanx Cannis!)
- Repaired unused versions of 'Arctic Circle' and 'Double Trouble' maps for inclusion in Assault mode
- Amended multiplayer campaign maps for inclusion in normal skirmish mode
- Added Chrono Prison to all Allied forces (thanx Godwin and Firestorm!)
- Added Hammer & Sickle Seismic Tank to all Soviet forces (thanx Blade and Visceroidgod!)
- Added Parasite Trooper to Yuris Army (thanx Chrono Looney!)
- Fixed problem where Gattling Tanks did less damage when at elite level
- Improved effectiveness of weapon logic on Gattling Towers and Gattling Tanks
- Tweaks to images on Adrenaline Vault (thanx Styx!)
- Numerous tweaks to coding to support balancing and gameplay issues
- Chaos Drones now leave residual gas when destroyed
- Added Psychic Beacon to Yuris Army (with new Psychadelic Gas Super Weapon!)
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